About us

Raa Labs is owned 50/50 by maritime giants Wallenius Wilhelmsen and the Wilhelmsen group, allowing us to tap directly into the immense global networks and competence base of our owners. Wallenius Wilhelmsen is the worlds leading RoRo carrier, operating a fleet of more than 130 vessels and handling more than 15 million rolling units annually. The Wilhelmsen Group is a leading maritime industrial conglomerate, being a global leader in maritime products and services, as well as offshore services and logistics.

Why Raa Labs?

For several hundred years, Northern seafarers ruled the seas all the way from the high North to the Mediterranean, covering thousands of nautical miles in open wooden ships. The answer to how a modest seafaring people from the edge of the map were able to achieve this is based on the combination of their superior sailing skills and technology. Their large, fast and seaworthy vessels were powered by a mighty, still highly manageable sail; the raa sail. Raa is the old norse word for the yard that held up the square sail of the viking longships. Practical and easy to sail, providing unmatched speed downwind. This sail allowed the Norsemen to range far and about, setting their mark on history.    

Raa Labs will drive your organisation in an ambitious direction, pushing solutions powered by digital technologies, as well as to contribute to shaping our industry far beyond our weight, providing a raw sail powering you into the future.