Transforming the world through technology


Bringing the maritime industry into the future

In an industry, recognized by large assets worth billions of dollars sailing the oceans, we are looking into how we can make it more efficient. Affecting just some parts of the value chain can quickly become significant operational improvements. When adding to that, that the industry itself has a tremendous catch up to do when it comes to leveraging technology, the opportunities become many! The opportunities for the industry to benefit from technology, whether it is using sensors / IOT, edge computing, AI/ML, AR/VR or even using drones - are massive, that we are about to witness a digital revolution within the maritime industry that will change the game rules. We will witness new business models, driven by data and algorithms and an industry in rapid change, moving to uncharted territory.

Raa Labs was established to play a leading role in this dynamic world. Being at the forefront of technological transformation, ensuring that the industry evolves for the better and be in a position to capitalize on the new technological innovations that will enable the maritime industry of the future. We want to make a difference. With our unique position - owned by two maritime giants and a winning team, we are ready for the future!

We are constantly looking for exceptional individuals that want to join our team – if you are motivated by challenges and want to make an impact, get in touch with us!

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